Semalt Explains How Google 'Email Markup' Makes Transactional Emails Stand Out

Email Markup is defined as a well-thought-out data design that makes the certain type of emails display the content better. The proper registration and organization of marked up email content will provide you with the opportunity to collect extra data and reach customers in Google applications such as Calendar or Inbox.

In the context of e-commerce, this implicates that shipping and confirmation alerts may get unique handling in the email box, which improves user experience. Jack Miller, the expert of Semalt Digital Services explains the aspects of using email markups.

Email Markup for Order Confirmations

Below is an example of Linking Data (JSON-LD) that begins with an HTML script tag of the form of "application/ld-json" type:

The next step shows additional key pairs that share data with the system that translates the structured information:

Even without knowledge of JSON, it should be relatively simple to understand that an individual has bought "some unique product" from "" for $ 60.

The following properties are needed for Email Markup to function for an order confirmation:

  • Order number - indicates the identification of the seller
  • PriceCurrency - uses ISO 4217 three-letter format
  • Merchant - is the name of an organization or individual
  • Accepted offer - includes price, rating, category and much more of the purchased product

Email Markup has also various recommended and optional properties for purchase confirmation messages.

Email Markup for Delivery Notifications

A shipping alert can also be marked up through the addition or JSON-LD or microdata to an HTML email template as shown in the example below:

The example depicts only the needed properties, but incorporating order Email Markup, a myriad of extra properties can be added to enhance the experience of the buyer. This includes tracking URL and tracking number for specifying the carrier's tracking code and creating a track package link in Gmail or Google box respectively.

Which Buyers Will See Your Enhanced Messages?

Those shoppers on Google inbox will reap optimum benefits Email Markup intervention. Since Gmail is used by over 1 billion people, improving messages on Gmail has a huge potential audience.

Registration Required

Only registered senders can enjoy Email Markup. Google requires the following to register a user:

  • Message authentication using either Domain Keys Identified Mail or Sender Policy Framework
  • Error free email Markup
  • Spam related complaints should be low
  • A history of sending over a hundred emails per day to Gmail addresses
  • All messages should be sent from a fixed email address
  • You must meet guidelines set by Gmail's Bulk Sender

An informed client is most likely to be a happy client. Online purchases expect communication with dealers when a product is ordered and shipped. The majority of the merchants often send comprehensive confirmation and delivery alerts emails. Nevertheless, in the case of large or medium sized companies, adding a significant quantity of structured data markup could be better with those emails for some buyers.